The Power of Indexing

Property & Casualty firms like Farmers, Allstate, & Geico insure tangible risks like fire and theft.  ERM’s (Enterprise Risk Management) were created to the lower the cost of intangible risk to US Businesses like cyber incidents, business interruption, changes in regulation and any many other risks tailored to your specific company.

If you are running a profitable business the IRS wants their share of your earned income. Most CPA’s will advise you to buy more equipment for more deductions or write that check to the IRS. This leaves every profitable business with less operating cash or more debt.

Now Imagine if up to 10% of your gross earnings or up to 2.3 Million dollars could become a business tax deduction into an ERM. If no claims occur within 1 year and 1 day the surplus funds can be addressed via loan at a rate of approximately 3% to put cashflow back into your business. Sounds like a simple and effective decision? (See IRS Code Section 831-B)

Call us today to help you strategize your cash flow to minimize your taxes, help you become your own bank and protect your business from income loss with an ERM.


  • Date : December 19, 2018
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