If you are a high-income earner, you know that 401k, & IRA’s do not have the capacity for large cash accumulation for your retirement. Through these vehicles most financial advisors know you will not have enough money saved for you retirement. So, they try and bring you rates of return… We bring you buckets of cash.

What is Kai-Zen?
Kai-Zen is different because it uses your cash contributions, combines them with lender funds which are paid into a unique life insurance policy with minimized cost for maximum cash accumulation. The same way you use leverage to buy a house we show you how to use leverage to immediately double your cash contributions every year for 5 years. Years 6-10 we end up tripling your cash contributions providing you with 60%-100% more income than trying to fund on your own. Sound too good to be true?

Click on the My Ilia learning portal link above, create a personal log in to view your retirement results, then send us an email to schedule a 20 minute Zoom Demo.
We know this will be your best move in retirement planning… Let’s find out.


  • Date : December 6, 2021