IUL (Indexed Universal Life)

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We all need life insurance to protect our family from a sudden loss of income. A properly structured policy should not only protect your family, but provide money to you if you get sick along the way, and also allow you to build a cash value at a favorable to better than market rate without any loss of principle or earned interest. This cash value is your money. Available for emergency loans or to hold on for a guaranteed tax free retirement income.

Indexing empowers you to not lose your money when the economy/markets are down, unlike a 401(k), Mutual fund, or an IRA. Life insurance companies have always been more stable than banks so with an IUL, not only is your family protected but you can rest knowing your principle & earned interest will be there in your later years.

Many Insurance companies can offer an IUL but only our products have the additional “Living Benefits” Rider at no additional cost, to give you access to your money should you get sick along the way.

It is life insurance you don’t have to die to use.

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  • Date : December 19, 2018