IUL (Indexed Universal Life)
Indexing empowers you to not lose your money when the economy/markets are down, unlike a 401(k), Mutual fund, or IRA
Living Benefits
Every year over 6 million people will suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Wouldn’t it be good to know you have the financial protection to help with the medical bills.
ERM for Business owners
Each Owner of a pass through entity can deduct up to 2.3 million dollars annually by implementing an ERM company, then be able to access the surplus.
Most people save for retirement in stockmarket risk products. Doesn’t it make sense to have a tax free income, eliminate market risk, & reduce fees.
Aries Venture Group, Inc was built on the foundation of small business ownership and hard-working middle America. Through research, knowledge, and the help of our partners, we can proudly offer solutions to protect your family, help your business grow, be there if you get sick along the way, and guide you to a financially worry-free retirement.
Together we can make smart choices for you today, tomorrow and your future.